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far infrared sauna mattress , infrared jade heating mattress

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 far infrared sauna mattress , infrared jade heating mattress

far infrared heating pad , infrared jade thermal pad , therapy heating pad


1.Far infrared technology;

2.96 pcs jade stones on the heating mat 

3.Convenient  digital hand-held controller;

4.High quality soft PU, carbon fiber wire, waterproof PVC

5.Long time use, high efficiency.

Product description

1. The Jade are the rare treasure ,A piece of Jade contains more than 30 kinds of trace elements helpful to the human body .such as selenium .zinc, nickel. copper .cobalt manganese and so on .The starting wave emitted by the cells of human body .the cells of human body are resonated with the wave movement emitted by the jade . Therefore these cells of the human body obtain the vigor .the blood circulation is promoted . The metabolism is strengthened .the internal wastes are gotten ride of in time.

2. The jade function of building up human body was found by the mankind long ago . the jade has the efficacies .such as :removing the heat in stomach .the heavy breathe and irritation .nourishing the hair and five internal organs ,supplying the muscles and enforcing the bones .quenching the thirst ,moistening the heart and lungs . Pacifying the soul .benefiting the blood and blood vessels. Brightening the eyes and sharpening the ears ,etc

3.This product can also help offer relief from the following symptoms: Parkinson's disease stroke kidney prostate diarrhea constipation expansion of abdominal region stomach ulcers lungs asthma yellow jaundice etc. These are used by many massage therapists, and chiropractors worldwide


Product name

portable infrared thermal jade heating mat

Model number


Rated Voltage: 

110V, 220V, 240V

Rated Power: 




Heating Zones: 

one zone 


96 pcs jade stones 

 Advanced PU,  Water-proof PVC


 Time is 1 hour shut off .                            




200watt . 

Carton Size



20ft container :400pcs




Accept OEM


one year 


1. Therapy Heating Mat, Regardless of your fitness level right now--you will experience an invigorating feeling that will have you wanting to move ,stretch , flex and burn calories

2. As you age, your muscles tighten and you lose range of motion. His exercise mat radiates far infrared heating waves tuned at the perfect frequency to penetrate deep into your body

The radiant heat helps stimulates the body to melt fat and burn calories.

The heat from the mat helps to double your workout results in half the time. Deep heat penetrates muscles to quickly increase flexibility and rang of motion helping you propel past your current physical fitness level.

Far infrared heat is a proven technology to help reduce pain, Speed recovery and healing.

3. Far infrared heating mat is a fitness tool that radiates Far Infrared heat waves deep into your body. These heat waves are tuned at the perfect frequency to penetrate deeply for an experience unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. Once you’re on it, four powerful forces instantly begin to improve your fitness.


1. 7 vibrators.5modes massage

2. Scientific research shows that the germanium and jade stone can give out various kinds of useful microelement such as zinc,copper,iron,manganese,magnesium,cobalt,tin,selenium,nickel, kalium,calcium,natrium and provide infrared ray after being heated.

3. The rays not only benefit on the surface of muscle but all cells including blood vessels,lymph glands and nerves in the deep parts of our body.

4.Improve sleep state and blood circulation.

5.Discard toxins especially heavy metals such as mercury and lead.

6. Simulate five kinds of traditional massage method :kneading,shiatsu,beating,rolling and scrap.

7.It massage on back,neck,waist and leg to relieve fatigue.

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